We are where we dreamed we would be in 1984. 
See you in the future!

FTZ Group’s story began in 1984 in Ankara. Having succeeded in preserving its values and maintaining its development in all its areas of operation, and the petroleum industry in particular, today, FTZ Group adds quality and makes a difference in many aspects of life.

 As a brand offering services in the fields of petroleum, automotive, energy, tourism, oil terminals, food, and shopping and business center management, FTZ Group strives to preserve and enrich the values and principles of its founder Ferruh Temel Zülfikar and carry them into the future.

 Having made it its responsibility to create professional values in every field in which it is active, FTZ Group continues to grow by the day, in terms of its yearly total revenue, turnover, and loyal customer portfolio, and aims to progress by further developing its commercial activities in the country, renewing itself, as well as increasing its national and international collaborations.

This journey, which started in 1984, will continue its course in the future as well, making an impact wherever it goes.