We are where we dreamed we would be in 1984. 
See you in the future!

When FTZ MALL opened its doors in 2001, its aim was to provide the warmth of a home. FTZ succeeded in becoming an indispensable neighbor and a main stop for the district of Keçiören and its population of 1 million. Now, with its renewed interior and growing brand range, it has built even stronger bonds with the area.

FTZ caters to almost all the needs that a family and home can think of. More than a shopping center, FTZ becomes a part of your home, because now, at FTZ, you can find everything, from entertainment and movies to a supermarket and your favorite clothing brands, without forgetting the world of technology.

 A 300-square-meter play area offers children a world full of games and fun; cafes and restaurants  provide cozy spots where you can chat with friends; the 1500-square-meter food court is there to satiate the gourmet in you; 5 movie theaters and activity areas serve as the meeting point for art lovers; the 1200-square-meter supermarket is the store that your home or kitchen can’t do without...

In addition to all these advantages, with visitors numbering close to 300 thousand, FTZ is a profit opportunity not to be missed by investors.

With the metro station that will start operating in 2016, FTZ will become even more accessible, adding increasing value to its location. You can easily access FTZ MALL from any point in Keçiören by public transportation or by car. It is in the same location as many of the district’s government agencies, such as the Keçiören District Governorship and Keçiören Municipality. Since 2001, the heart of life in Keçören beats at FTZ.